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The Peter Landin Prize of Euro 150 is awarded to the best paper presented at the symposium each year, as selected by the programme committee. The prize was first awarded for a paper presented at IFL 2002, with the first prize ceremony being conducted at IFL 2003 in Edinburgh. The prize is administered on behalf of the donors by Kevin Hammond (St Andrews) and Greg Michaelson (Heriot-Watt).

YearAwarded toTitle of Paper
2022Patrick van Beurden and Sven-Bodo ScholzOn Generating Out-Of-Core GPU Code for Multi-Dimensional Array Operations
2021Alejandro Gomez-Londoño and Magnus O. MyreenA flat reachability-based measure for CakeML’s cost semantics
2020Kavon Farvardin and John ReppyA New Backend for Standard ML of New Jersey
2018Prize not awarded 
2016Gabriel Radanne, Vasilis Papavasileiou, Jerome Vouillon and Vincent BalatEliom: Tierless Web programming from the ground up
2015Yong Kiam Tan, Scott Owens and Ramana KumarA verified type system for CakeML
2014Markus Aronsson, Emil Axelsson and Mary SheeranStream Processing for Embedded Domain Specific Languages
2013Leaf Petersen, Todd Anderson, Hai Liu, and Neal GlewMeasuring the Haskell Gap
2012Anders Persson, Emil Axelsson and Josef SvenningssonGeneric Monadic Constructs for Embedded Languages
2011George Giorgidze, Torsten Grust, Tom Schreiber, and Jeroen WeijersHaskell Boards the Ferry: Database-Supported Program Execution for Haskell
2010Vincent St-Amour and Marc FeeleyPICOBIT: A Compact Scheme System for Microcontrollers
2009Ralf HinzeScans and Convolutions: A Calculational Proof of Moessner’s Theorem
2008Neil Mitchell and Colin RuncimanA Supercompiler for Core Haskell
2007Jost Berthold and Rita LoogenParallel Coordination made Explicit in a Functional Setting
2006Clemens Grelck, Karsten Hinckfusslig and Sven-Bodo ScholzWith-Loop Fusion for Data Locality and Parallelism
2005Olivier DanvyA Rational Deconstruction of Landin’s SECD Machine
2004Pedro VasconcelosInferring Costs for Recursive, Polymorphic and Higher-Order Functional Programs
2003Arjen van Weelden and Rinus PlasmeijerTowards a Strongly Typed Functional Operating System